BAVARIO Baby Pram Buggy Stroller 3in1 Pushchair Car Seat Carrycot Travel System

BAVARIO is a deep pram that can be converted to stroller. You can also mount the car seat to the frame for the comfort of a new born. Straightforward assemble system makes this pram very easy to use. Swivel wheels and elastic suspension makes it very easy to drive.

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To its advantages you can easily add its small dimensions after dismantling and low weight.

Standard equipment of the pram:

1. Universal hood that can be added to both stroller and deep pram option
2. The inside of gondola is made of a soft hypoallergenic cotton.
3. Thick soft mattress on the bottom of the gondola.
4. Warm Cover for Gondola
5. Safety bar for stroller option
6. Warm cover for stroller option.
7. Adjustable footrests in stroller option (5 positions)
8. Adjustable backrest in stroller option (3 positions)
9. Very soft suspension spring with adjustable hardness.
10. Steel and aluminium Frame
11. Adjustable handle height (5 positions)
12. Central lock brake: EASY-STOP
13. 5-point safety belt
14. A large bag for accessories.
15. Large comfortable inflatable wheel bearings with exclusive plated rims.
16. Large swivel wheels with lock option
17. Big shopping basket.
18. Two Raincovers.
19. 12 months Warranty.


Internal dimensions of the gondola:

- Height: 20 cm
- Width: 38 cm
- Length: 80 cm


Pram Dimensions assembled:

- Height: 115 cm
- Width: 60 cm
- Length: 110 cm


Dimensions of the unassembled pram:

- Height: 30 cm
- Width: 60 cm
- Length: 90 cm


- Gondola: 4.5 kg
- Stroller: 5.5 kg
- Frame + wheels: 10 kg


Dimensions stroller:

Width: 34 cm
The length of the backrest: 38 cm
The length of seat: 30 cm
Leg rest length: 20 cm

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