CORAL 3in1 Lightweight Baby Pram Pushchair Travel System

CORAL is lightweight and multifunctional deep pram that can be converted to a stroller. It is a perfect choice for those most demanding parents – you can attach the car seat to the frame! Straightforward assembly system and quick way of dismantling the pram makes it very easy and efficient to use.  

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Small size of unassembled pram allows you to fit it even in the smallest car boots. Swivel wheels and elastic suspension makes strolling very enjoyable fort both baby and the parents.

Pram’s equipment:

1. Universal hood for stroller and pram option.
2. Booth with mesh ventilation that provides the child with an ideal temperature due to air ventilation, regardless of the weather.
3. Gondola inside is made of a soft hypoallergenic cotton.
4. Soft mattress on the bottom of the gondola.
5. Winter cover for the gondola
6. Safety bar for stroller option
7. Cover for stroller.
8. Adjustable footrests in stroller option (5 positions).
9. Adjustable backrest in stroller option (3 positions)
10. Very soft spring suspension
11. NEW safer steel and aluminium frame
12. Adjustable handle height (5 positions)
13. Central lock brake: EASY-STOP
14. 5-point safety belts
15. The bag with additional pockets for small accessories
16. Large comfortable inflatable wheel bearings with exclusive silver rims.
17. Swivel wheels (lockable)
18. Shopping basket.
19. Warranty: 12 months

Free accessories: 2 raincovers, adapters for mounting the car seat to the frame


Internal dimensions of the gondola:
- Height: 20 cm
- Width: 41 cm
- Length: 85 cm

Assembled pram dimensions:
- Height: 115 cm
- Width: 60 cm
- Length: 110 cm

Unassembled pram dimensions:
- Height: 30 cm
- Width: 60 cm
- Length: 90 cm


- Gondola: 4.5 kg
- Stroller: 5.5 kg
- Frame + wheels: 10 kg


Car seat for children weighing from 0 to 10 kg. Safety is ensured by own seat belts and a special soft insole made of polystyrene. The handle when in front position serves as an additional safety element while driving. The seat has European Safety Certificate ECE R44 / 04.


Standard car seat equipment:

- It has its own 3-point safety belts,
- The seat is made of plastic,
- removable upholstery for washing
- Soft filled insert for the youngest children,
- The central belt - easy and adjustable
- Handy carrying handle for transporting child in the car seat,
- The possibility to use the seat as a cradle, with the ability to block rocking
- Soft cover on seat belts,
- Booth that provides the perfect temperature no matter the weather
- warm footmuff

Height (cm): 130
Width (cm): 60
Depth (cm): 95

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